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Stewart Levine, Author of "Getting to Resolution : Turning Conflict Into Collaboration"

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Stewart Levine

1.       What is your BK book (or if more than one, which one are you most proud of)? What’s the gist of the book?

Getting to Resolution: Turning Conflict Into Collaboration. A business bestseller. Stephen Covey called it “a marvelous book.” It was featured by Executive Book Summaries and named one of the thirty best business books of 1998. Second edition in 2008. The book provides conversational models for both preventing and resolving conflict. It provides a mindset and skill set for creating human alignment and having difficult conversations.


2.       Tell us how you came to be a BK Author.

A friend suggested BK after I had been rejected by about ten publishers. Steve Piersanti said it was good, reminded him of Covey’s work, but it was not ready. I then had an agent who both helped with development and shopped the book. After a year I parted ways with the agent and sent it back to Steve, who said it was ready for a contract. It was interesting that Steve said it reminded him of Covey’s work—and voila! Covey endorses the book, which in ‘98 was a very big deal.

In 2003 I published “The Book of Agreement” with BK which was called more practical than “Getting to Yes,” which many consider the bible for conflict resolution. It’s been a great affiliation.    


3.       How does the book fit into everything else you do?

It’s my big marketing brochure. All of my work centers around the content of the book.


4.       What motivates you these days?

Legacy and contribution motivates me. Making sure nothing is left on the table.



5.       What’s something the BK Author community probably doesn’t know about you?

No idea…I don’t hide much. Perhaps that I was a pudgy child…