Scholarship Policy

Scholarship Policy

In our commitment to create a world that works for all, BK Authors promotes inclusive representation of that world in all activities. We seek diverse participation in and contribution to the activities, including our annual Marketing Workshop and Authors Retreat.

The Board encourages every active member to invite inactive members to attend these functions. To support members requiring financial assistance and to ensure diverse representation, the budgets limited funds for scholarships to help cover part of a requesting member’s expenses.  

Any member, including  those serving on the Board of Directors, may apply. We reserve these grants for those who might not otherwise be able to attend; especially authors of color, BK Currents and Life authors, members residing outside the United States, and members under-represented in the broader membership.  

These awards will be granted only to those requesting assistance.  If approved, assistance will be given to a maximum of 50% of the registration fee for the relevant event (this excludes all travel and accommodation).  Interested members may request a scholarship by submitting a completed Scholarship Request Form to our Administrator. Information submitted on Scholarship Request Forms will be treated confidentially.

The Boards Executive Committee (President, Treasurer, Secretary, and BK Board Liaison) will select scholarship recipients within one week following the functions scholarship application deadline.