Our 2014 Marketing Workshop

 Get the full twitter report:  #BKmktg14

Get the full twitter report: #BKmktg14

"Somewhere on [the agenda] it should have said:
“BK Authors Co-op Love Fest.”

~ Flip Brown, author
Balanced Effectiveness:
How to Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor Without Driving Yourself Nuts.


Detailed notes throughout the two days were captured by Laurie Ford, co-author of The Four Conversations, which you can download HERE.

Pre-Marketing Buzz. Building a Franchise. Best Blogging Tips. TEDx Style Talks. Social Media Strategies.

Those topics were the very tip of the BK Authors Co-op 2014 Marketing Workshop's information iceberg! Here are a few highlights.

From Rick Gilbert
Founder of PowerSpeaking, Inc., one of the pros who shared his expertise:

At my "Meet the Pros" table on creating video, we produced short video interviews with three BK authors (Marcia Reynolds, Laurie Ford and Joanie Connell).  We had a person to be interviewed, an interviewer, a camera person, and a lighting person. The main takeaway was that good quality video is not hard to make. We did all this with my iPhone. I edited with iMovie and posted in Vimeo.

alexandra watson.jpg

Alexandra Watson, whose book Hello, My Name is Awesome shared her techniques for creating pre-book launch buzz, as well as soaking up tips from other presenters.