• Feel alone sometimes in how to maximize your book's potential?

  • Wish you could tap into the vast knowledge of fellow authors?

  • Want to increase book sales and expand your market?

  • Want to use your book to boost your business?




The All New Authors-Mentoring-Authors Program

As Co-op members, we aim to  . We connect ideas to action and help each other discover practical solutions to the dilemmas we face. learn together and support one another other in useful ways

The  program is designed to animate these goals. It connects those of us looking for advice to those of us who have experiences and expertise to share. This   is meant to enhance-not replace-guidance given by the BK staff or provided by paid program AUTHORS Mentoring AUTHORS

Mentors offer up to three hours of telephone mentoring.  Once connected, you can determine the schedule that works best for both of you.

 Mentoring is offered on these topics:

The Writing Process: Overcoming writer's block, book development, effective writing styles, writing with a co-author, finding your "voice" 

The Publication Process: Working with a copy editor, preparing for your Author Day, what to expect after manuscript submission

Book Marketing & Promotion: Creating a marketing plan, working with consultants, planning a book launch or best-seller event

Building a Social Media Platform: Using tools such as LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter, etc. and blogging to promote your book and build your community

Building a Speaking Career: Understanding speaking bureaus, ways to improve speaking effectiveness, how to position yourself as a top-notch speaker
Boosting Your Business: Developing a business strategy, translating concepts into consulting engagements, honing your brand

For more information, click here to see our FAQ.

Would you like to have a mentor and/or would you be willing to BE a mentor? If so, please contact Christél Fairchild, the BK Authors Community Coordinator, at Connecting with other authors can really be just this simple