Membership Policy

Membership Policy

The State of California chartered BK Authors, Inc. is a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation. As such, all voting rights reside in the Board of Directors and assets are solely owned by the corporation and directed by the board.

BK Authors, Inc establishes the following policy for adding new members.  Members are non-voting associates who contribute to the financial and cultural well-being of the organization.This policy envisions five paths to membership:

1- When Berrett-Koehler Publishers publishes a book under the BK brand, the author(s) are enrolled as permanent members of BK Authors, Inc. with BK submitting a one-time initiation fee (currently $100) for each author.

2- A non-BK author or related practitioner may request admission to the community.  Upon receipt of such an application, the BK Authors, Inc Membership Committee will review these requests and make a recommendation to the board.  Upon board approval and payment of a one-time $200 initiation fee, the requestor will be enrolled as a member of BK Authors, Inc.  

3- Any member of BK Authors, Inc. may sponsor an individual for permanent membership. Upon recommendation of the Membership Committee and endorsement by the board, the sponsored  individual will then submit a one-time $200 initiation fee to become a member.

4- Every employee of Berrett-Koehler Publications is considered an Associating Member of BK Authors, Inc.  All Associating Members may attend the Marketing Workshop and Author Retreat at reduced fees as determined by the Marketing Workshop and Retreat Committees.