What 2013 workshop attendees say

 2012 Marketing Workshop in San Francisco

2012 Marketing Workshop in San Francisco




What participants had to say about the 2013 event in Atlanta

"Building a platform honestly,
Berrett-Koehler Way"


One of the top workshops I’ve ever attended, equally applicable to non-authors.
— Marilyn McConnell, CEO, American International Distribution Corp.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you for so brilliantly designing, hosting and convening this community for the last two days. I found myself supported, enriched and re-energized. My learning nodes are on fire.
— Leslie Yerkes, President, The Catalyst Consulting Group
The content was clearly coordinated beforehand. The concepts from each speaker dovetailed with the next. Its obvious this group represents a supportive and encouraging community. It’s no wonder there are so many success stories here.
— Mike Wittenstein Global Speaker, CX Designer & Consultant
A wealth of information and the tools to be able to come home and use it! My first day back home, I made my own social media work plan to both support my book sales as well as my work. I also built powerful connections and already have dates to connect to get more support in this new journey.
— Linda Stout
You are furthering my vision for business as a driver for global good. My book to be on making better decisions and the importance of seeing the hidden stakeholders supports that vision.
— Beth Hand