BKC Mission

The Berrett-Koehler Collaboratory is a network of practitioners, visionaries, authors, and activists committed to personal, corporate, and social transformation, and driven by a desire to create a saner economic, social, and political systems.


To support our mission to create “a world that works for all,” you have the opportunity to propose a specific webinar, podcast and/or other offerings under this umbrella. A review board will evaluate proposals based upon the following criteria:

  • Quality and marketability of the concept
  • Collaboration between/among authors
  • Congruence with mission
  • Authors’ ability/willingness to absorb related costs


Please complete this proposal form completely. Since broadcast e-mail and social media are the primary means of marketing our events, your compelling description will be used in a variety of ways to attract attention and participants.  Members of the committee will provide additional ideas for editing and enhancing the message; but please supply as complete a description as possible.

Title: Suggest something short and snappy that provides intrigue about the fusion of

ideas and authors and sets expectation of some surprising new insights.

Description: Offer a maximum of 250 word description of event that takes the following

best practices into consideration. See the example on the last page of this proposal

· Ideally 2-3 high impact paragraphs (keep it short and punchy).

· Include a brief overview of the session content (e.g., in this session, we will

present our findings from our recent global research on....)

· Provide 2-3 ‘teasers’ or interesting ideas that will be discussed.

· Describe 2-3 questions that will be answered; or ideas that participants will walk

away with.

Format of the event: webinar, podcast, workshop

What (if anything) will be charged to participants:

Author(s) involved:

Brief (75 word maximum) biography for each author involved. Focus on highlights of

experience, and provide some interesting evidence about what the author will bring to

the conversation—including mention of books written.

How the event meets these criteria/requirements:

• Quality and marketability of the concept

• Collaboration between/among authors

• Congruence with mission

• Authors’ ability/willingness to absorb related costs

Ideal timeframe for the event:

Study after study confirms that career development is the single most powerful tool

managers have for driving retention, engagement, productivity, and results. Yet it's

frequently back-burnered. When asked why, managers say the number one reason is

that they just don't have time - for the meetings, the forms, the administrative hoops.

But there's a better way. And it's surprisingly simple: frequent short conversations with

employees about their career goals and options integrated seamlessly into the normal

course of business.

The session will shed a much needed light on specifically what HR and managers can

do - within the time-starved, priority-rich, pressure-cooker environment in which they

operate - to support employees' careers. Dr. Beverly Kaye will utilize research from

her new book, Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go: Career Conversations Employees

Want, to demystify the current complexity and will share her learning about preparing

managers for important career conversations.

Participants will gain practical tips and advice for guiding managers who have the will

-- but not the skill -- to develop those who report to them. We'll also address some

important questions, such as:

· What's the business case for investing in career development?

· How do you evaluate what ideas and tools will work best in your


· How can HR can engage with business partners to infuse career

development in how work gets done?

Explanation of the BK Co-op Collaboratory goes here.  

It's Purpose.

It's Value. 

How To Get Involved, etc. 

The author(s) are contacted and the event is scheduled.

The author(s) can anticipate that following BKLA support of approved events:

• Access to BKLA logo and name for promotional purposes

• One mailing to the BK Author email list

• Listing on the BKLA webpage

• Mention in the BK author newsletter—and the BK Communique?