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Do Not Miss the 2019 BK Authors Book Marketing Workshop on 11 & 12 July in Sunny San Diego.

Click HERE for more information on the event and on how to register.

The 2018 BK Authors Retreat - a huge success

This year’s BK Authors Retreat lived up to its motto of “Soulful Connections.” The event took place Oct. 18-21 at the Quaker retreat and conference center Pendle Hill, outside of Philadelphia. Some 40 authors and BK community members got inspired by speakers, laughed during the talent show and auction, and had opportunities to forge and deepen friendships. Big thanks to organizers Karen Phelan, Marilee Adams, Sharon Rowe and Christél Fairchild.

BK author and attendee Bruce Rosenstein wrote a blog about his experience. “Through both organized and spontaneous activities, we experienced a powerful phenomenon: if you can get to know and understand someone more than superficially, it’s much easier to work productively with them, or to help each other,” Bruce writes. To read the full article, click here

More Information on the 2019 Retreat will be available soon. Come back and visit this site regularly and make sure you don’t miss out on early bird opportunities.

Recent Books Written by New BK Authors

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